Reflections on 2016

I’ve now been flipping my Classical Studies classroom for two years, and both Thing 13 and my inquiry project at school are prompting me to reflect on my progress. Here’s a little video I made to outline my thoughts (note how my digital drawings are improving!):​

Over the remaining weeks of term, I really want to focus on three main things:

  1. Finding a solution to the not-doing-the-prep problem. Any suggestions are welcome! I need to do some serious research and try pick others’ brains, as both I and my students have identified this as a real problem area.
  2. Come up with creative and engaging ideas for activities to do in lessons. With the seniors on exam leave, I’ve got lots of time to create resources if necessary.
  3. Look into differentiation and flipped mastery. With mixed-ability classes, this would be a good way for individual students to get more out of lessons. 

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